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self medicate the profound psychological pain he was feeling with jack daniel's, jim beam or whatever was handy. that doesn't work but it took quite a long time for him to figure that out. and somehow i stuck with him through this. people ask me all the time how and i have to be honest, i am still not sure. but with a lot of patience and commitment and love we stayed together, we got married. he did heal and we have been able to forge a new life together. i tell that story in this book. and a lot of the early reviews focus on the fact that i am very honest about worst parts of that recovery. some of the terms are making me a little freaked out the people and not going to want to buy it because they're focused on my honesty about those really bad stages but for me this is a story of hope, healing, recovery and love. this is a love story and this is a story about how my husband came back from profound injury, profound institutional neglect and really deep physiological cognitive and psychological woundss could be the man that he is today. and loving husband and father who just
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1